Creating your first ELMlink

Created on 6 December, 2020 | Getting Started With ELMLink | 1,107 views

Learn how to setup your ELMlink into a mini Funnel

ELMlinks are simple links you can string together to make smooth, and engaging funnels your visitors can experience on their mobile devices. 

And let's face it, if your "Funnel" isn't mobile friendly, easy to use, engaging and fun, you don't have a chance. 


Here is an example of how a mini-funnel works with ELMLink Pages.

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You can create a "fragmentation funnel" if you are a consultant or coach and schedule appointments directly from your ELMlink or Custom Domain.

Amazing Right? 

Creating your ELMlink Funnels can be done in as many imaginative ways as you can think of.

Here is what you need to know.

How to Add a Logo

How to Add a Video

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How to Add an Image

How to Add Text 

How to Add a Button

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How to Add a Link

How to Add a Click to Call Phone Number

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How to add my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Social Media Profiles

How to Rebrand The Footer

How to remove the footer branding

Updated on 12 December, 2020