How to create a Click To Call link with

Created on 12 December, 2020 | Getting Started With ELMLink | 803 views

Click To Call links are great for anyone wanting to initiate a call to a phone number from their ELMlink pages

To see the Live Demo visit:

Step 1.  Create an ELMlink Button

Step 2. Add a "Link" with tel:
  - use Country Code
  - add phone number without "-" 


✅ tel:15186750561 is CORRECT 😊
❌ tel:1-518-675-0561 is INCORRECT 😟
❌ tel:1(518)-675-0561 is INCORRECT 😟

Step 3. Add an Icon from FontAwesome

🔗 - Click Here for the icon used in this demo

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Updated on 12 December, 2020